Photos taken by contributor C. A woman in her thirties who suffers from clinical depression and anxiety. The severity of her suffering goes up and down. Sometimes she can do so much, while other times she gets paralyzed by her dark thoughts. Even though she is not at her worst, each day is still a... Continue Reading →


Photo taken by a woman in her thirties who suffers from a bipolar illness. As is the case with bipolar, her moods are erratic. Generally down, but sometimes up. It makes working and living a normal life difficult. About this photo: “This photograph was taken at a luau in Hawaii. I love fire but am also scared... Continue Reading →

From the Rubble

Photo taken by Clare in Massachusetts, a woman who has been diagnosed with major depression and bipolar II. Photography is something she studied in school some years ago, and still enjoys very much. About this photo: “This photograph is of greenery emerging from the remains of an old rusted out truck in the woods. To... Continue Reading →


Photos taken in New York City by a woman who has suffered from anxiety and panic disorder for at least a dozen years, among other mental health issues. It has affected her home life, work life, and personal life in many ways. She is trying to fight through it by working with doctors, using medication... Continue Reading →


Photo taken by a 30+ year-old photographer who is not working much because of bipolar depression, but trying to keep shooting for the joy and healing it brings. About this photo: "This photograph is comprised of two images that I shot at different times, during different mood states. I shot the image of the woman... Continue Reading →

Big Abstract Light Paintings

Photos taken by a woman who has been diagnosed with major depressive disorder and bipolar II. Her medications had to be altered recently due to possible toxicity, so her moods have been erratic. These changes have been hard on her and everyone around her. About these photos: "I love to paint with light. To create... Continue Reading →

Happy Help

Photo taken by a 40+ year-old woman diagnosed with bipolar 3 disorder and ADD.  She is also a Clinical Psychologist and budding photographer. About this photo: "This photograph was taken for the second half of an assignment in a photography class I was taking last year.  The first part was to photograph symbols of our nightmares.... Continue Reading →

Ready for Adventure

Photo taken by a woman in her thirties who fights severe anxiety, agitation, and panic attacks. She wants to be the wife and mother that she thinks her family deserves, but it is a constant struggle. About this photo: "I wish I could be more like my toddler. That I could grab something, a toy... Continue Reading →


Photo taken by Dee, a woman who has been diagnosed with major depressive disorder. Photography has been a helpful tool through the darkness of depression. About this photo: "This photograph may seem dark and heavy, and elicit thoughts of depression, which it does for me at times, but it also can have the opposite effect. It... Continue Reading →

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