Big Abstract Light Paintings

Photos taken by a woman who has been diagnosed with major depressive disorder and bipolar II. Her medications had to be altered recently due to possible toxicity, so her moods have been erratic. These changes have been hard on her and everyone around her.

About these photos: “I love to paint with light. To create movement, shapes, and figures where there were none. Usually I just use small lights found in my home, but on this particular occasion I used fireworks. Fireworks is one of those subjects that has been so greatly overdone in photography. I know that, and I think that, but then I go see them and I can’t help but take more photographs. They are so big and beautiful. I try to take photos that are a little different though. Photos that just look like abstract light paintings, not fireworks.

My mind feels a little twisted at the moment from my illness, especially now that my medications are not stable. I think these photos could be interesting depictions of what it might look like in there. All different thoughts, feelings, and emotions flaring and receding, flashing and curling in unpredictable ways.” 


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  1. They are lovely. You can easily post them into the Photo Friday site and combine the two challenges. This week it’s movement over there. I do it all the time. 🙂


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