Photo taken by Dee, a woman who has been diagnosed with major depressive disorder. Photography has been a helpful tool through the darkness of depression.

About this photo: “This photograph may seem dark and heavy, and elicit thoughts of depression, which it does for me at times, but it also can have the opposite effect. It reminds me of a time before the depression took over. I had just moved back to the East Coast from California, and was dating the man who would become my husband. I had a great job in Manhattan, and would see this beautiful view every day. Overall, I was doing pretty well. I still had issues with depression, but I was able to function and have some semblance of a life. Since then things have unraveled. The depression has pretty much taken over, and most days it is hard to see any light through the darkness. At those times, I try to look at this or other photos from before this episode, so that I can have hope that I may be that person again some day.


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5 thoughts on “Mine

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  1. Oh dear. Really sensitive and touching words. I know some depression and it’s a dreadful thing, but not to the depth that Dee suffers. Poor woman. Much strength and kindness to her.


  2. It’s always a good idea to look forward not back if possible. Great photo…captures mood, mystery and an almost Asian feeling with those umbrellas. Not gloomy just otherworldly.


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