Photos taken in New York City by a woman who has suffered from anxiety and panic disorder for at least a dozen years, among other mental health issues. It has affected her home life, work life, and personal life in many ways. She is trying to fight through it by working with doctors, using medication as needed, and immersing herself in her photography.

About these photo: “NYC once felt like home to me, but ever since my anxiety attacks took hold, it feels like a foreign land. The big buildings, the people, the noise– what once felt like a part of who I was, now feels like an overwhelming panic-inducing whirlwind. Even when it is close to me physically, my anxiety makes it a world apart.”


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  1. I particularly love the photo of the building reflected in another, which appears to be leaning over, perhaps subconsciously in sympathy with the photographers’ anxiet condition which makes NYC seem strange and unfamliar


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