Monk’s Robes

Photo taken by first-time contributor listen to the babe, a woman who has suffered from anxiety since the age of seven. Her first depressive episode occurred when she was in her thirties. She has since had three major depressive episodes, with each episode lasting a few years. With the help of cognitive behavioral therapy, and a stubborn nature, she has resisted the downward pull.

About this photo: “This photo was taken somewhere down south in Thailand. I was recovering from a depressive episode, the most recent one and the most hurtful yet. I had taken to reading books on Buddhism to better understand and soothe the cycle of pain. The sight of monks often made me feel cheerful and I liked taking pictures of them. I suppose they represented hope. This photo of monks’ robes on a line was cheerful but in a different way. It reminded me that monks weren’t special, they were just like me; they took off their robes, showered, and put them on again. They had to work at it. Just like I had to work at it. Some days, you need to see that it’s hard for others too.”

Find more at listen to the babe.


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