A Young Person’s Mental Health

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Photos taken by first-time contributor Thea Waldron, a 21-year-old fine art photographer currently based in the West Midlands, England. Thea has struggled with both depression and anxiety. Her work is an examination of human behaviour and challenges our perception of the issues facing society. Thea’s work is mostly portraiture-based and she frequently uses herself as the subject of her imagery.

About these photos: “A young person’s mental health is a personal project surrounding my own struggle with depression and severe anxiety. These particular photographs are designed to disconnect the language from the emotional state. I aim to use this work as a means of raising awareness to mental health issues in young people.​

My series has been a form of therapy for myself. It has helped me express myself without the fear of judgement. I do also feel that the work raises awareness for the confusion that goes on inside the mind when suffering from mental health issues.”

Find more from Ashley at her website.


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