Photo taken by contributor Danielle, a writer, photographer, and mental health advocate who suffers from bipolar II. Photography has been a helpful tool in her recovery and symptom management, especially with depression and anxiety.

About this photo: “Many years before I was diagnosed with having a mental illness, I enjoyed dressing up and pretending to be someone else, anyone else except myself. I think that is why I was so drawn to Halloween, and the candy of course. But mostly that I could escape being me for a few hours. It also happens to fall on the same week as my birthday. This is a week that should have been filled with so much fun and happiness, but I often ended up building it up in my head and then feeling disappointed and lonely, even if many people were around.

Now that I have children of my own, the treat is not candy, it is getting to experience Halloween and my birthday through their eyes.

Find more from Danielle at her Twitter and Instagram.


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