More than a Game

Photo taken by contributor Jim, a man from the SouthWest of Texas who has struggled with depression for much of his life.

About this photo: “As a kid, I loved baseball. I loved playing it, watching it and I most certainly treasured riding my bike to the closest store to get a pack of baseball cards. Mike, Jackie and me would round up Coke bottles. Okay, they weren’t all ‘Coke’ bottles, but we didn’t care the brand. We could get .02 cents for a returnable bottle, the original form of recycling. Anyhow, when you had found yourself 20-25 coke bottles, you were good to loudly ride your rattle of bottles down to the store. You had enough money for a big pack of 10 cards and enough left over for a cold pop to drink as you unwrapped your treasures. You had to be careful to not drop the bubblegum as it was usually so old and brittle that it would shatter if dropped.

The world series was in September and played in the daytime. I stealthily rigged a transistor radio in my pocket and ran an earpiece up through my sleeve taped it to my finger so I could lean my head on my hand and listen to the game while in class. I thought I was so secretive until one day my fifth grade teacher Mr Profit asked loudly ‘what’s the score Jimmy?’ 

And I won’t get started on the pull on my heart strings listening to John Fogerty’s ‘Put Me in Coach’ song. Or the ‘magic water that falls from my eyes’ that still come from watching Robert Redford in ‘The Natural’ or Kevin Costner in ‘For the Love of the Game’…………It’s about so much more than just baseball.

More from Jim at his website.


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  1. Beautiful photo! Coincidentally, we just got home from my husbands’ birthday celebration at my daughters’, and my granddaughter got a beautiful mitt from her godfather. She’s started playing softball, and loves it. It means a lot for a child to find something they find joy doing. I think she’s found something good.


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