At a Crossroad

Please say a warm hello to first-time contributor Annie, a woman who has battled depression, major anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder and dissociative disorder.

About this photo: “I call this photo ‘At a Crossroad with Trees.’ I have a fascination and love of trees. When I am amongst trees I am most at peace.”

Find more from Annie at her Twitter.


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5 thoughts on “At a Crossroad

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  1. I like this shot! Dead ahead is still life. 😉

    Crossroads seldom seem too clear.
    Directions tell me not to fear.
    Whichever I choose,
    I know I can’t lose.
    I’ve already paid my dues.

    Uncle Tree


  2. Thanks for this lovely black and white photo. there’s a friendly poem by Robert Frost you might like called “Tree at my Window–” “My head so concerned with inner– yours with– outer– weather.”

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