The Child In Me

Photo taken by contributor Teija, a 36-year-old woman from Finland. She suffered from a severe depressive episode at the age of 25, which turned into psychosis, and led to a three month hospitalization. Fortunately, she got better quite quickly and got her life back on track. She found love after getting out of the hospital. Her life changed drastically when her partner was paralyzed in December of 2012. It has been hard ever since. They are both fighting to keep from getting too depressed. Life goes on and they try to stay strong. She has been interested in photography for many years, but began actively exploring it over the last four years. Before her partner’s accident, she had made up her mind and quit her day job to pursue being a photographer. Now she is working on making her dream a reality.

About this photo: “I call this photograph, the child in me. It is of a wonderful little girl who made my day. I wanted to make her look like she is in a wonderland. I would like to be sometimes that little girl, without worries, and just be in a wonderland, where anything is possible.

Find more from Teija at her blog.


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  1. Reblogged this on themidnightcup and commented:
    There are shallow days when the insides make a whole lot of noise, fervently hoping that there will be some music to be found within the hollow. And then there are days when it is quiet and grateful, even for the cracks, for while nothing stays, there are more ways in.

    A friend called me a sadist for my occasional rant of ‘there is a lot of pain and suffering in the world’ and my inclination to being fine. While he had a point, I have realized that it was not the ‘i am at least better off than most’ that i look to, but the hope and the strength that is shown as each and everyone fights their own battles. This blog post is a reminder of all those moments where love and hope triumph over the vast expanse of misery.


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