Inside 2 aka Before She was She

Photo taken by a photographer with chronic depression. She uses photography as a tool in her healing. She has been having trouble with the logistics of running a photography business, so she has not been doing many shoots, but she loves it so she will keep on trying.

About this photo: This is a photo I took of a neighbor. She intended to do a maternity shoot, but time speeded by and suddenly her due date was mere days away. I got a call out of the blue, “I’m in labor but we still have time, can we take photos now?” It was my first shoot with someone actually in labor. Despite how uncomfortable she was, we got some great shots, both in the studio and outdoors. I think because of the contractions she was even more connected to the baby inside.

On a personal note, it reminded me of my pregnancy. When my baby was growing inside me, there was nothing that could be compared to it. I reveled at every milestone. To hear her heart beat. To feel her move for the first time. To feel her sweet little hiccups. Maybe if I become healthy again, if my depression dissipates and my moods steady, perhaps I will be able to feel those moments again, but if not, I will still hold close the treasure that is the memory of my daughter’s development inside me. 

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  1. Lovely photo and story that goes with it. My heart breaks from your personal story. Wishing you the very best.


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