See You Soon

Broken Light Collective has a new assistant! We will be taking a brief maternity leave for our Director Danielle to attend to this little gem, and her own physical and mental health. Posts submitted during the leave will go up when we are back up and running, so please continue to photograph and submit to Broken Light... Continue Reading →

Belly Kisses

Photo taken by a woman with severe clinical depression. She has a long history of depression, but it became much worse after the birth of her daughter several years ago, and has continued to varying degrees (bad to worse to worst and back) to this day. About this photo: "I loved being pregnant - not... Continue Reading →

Inside 2 aka Before She was She

Photo taken by a photographer with chronic depression. She uses photography as a tool in her healing. She has been having trouble with the logistics of running a photography business, so she has not been doing many shoots, but she loves it so she will keep on trying. About this photo: This is a photo... Continue Reading →

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