Dark Days

Photo taken by Lala, a 32 year old woman living in Washington, DC, who battles severe depression, crippling anxiety and panic disorder, a mood disorder, and the list could go on. She also has family and loved ones who are battling mental health issues such as bipolar disorder and addiction.

She tries to lessen her depression and anxiety through photography, immersing herself in hobbies such as cooking, biking, hiking, writing, and exploring new places when she is able. She has good days and days when she doesn’t want to leave the house. She loves working with children–teaching young children is her passion.

About this photo: It was so dark on this particular day, but the beach was beautiful regardless.

It is so wonderful to be able to see beauty through darkness, especially when you are in a dark place yourself.

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4 thoughts on “Dark Days

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  1. Hi there! I experienced ONE year of paralyzing fear, anxiety, panic, and depression. If you ever need hope or encouragement please feel free to read my blogs. Good luck to you! Just keep hope that it will NOT last forever!


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