Volcanoes of Guatemala

Photo taken by Thirdeyemom: Eight years ago after the birth of my first child Max I knew something was terribly wrong. Not with my newborn son. He was healthy and as beautiful as can be. Instead, something was wrong with me. I began to suffer terrible insomnia, constant anxiety and worry and loss of appetite. By the time Max was 4 weeks old, I was sleeping on average two to three hours a night, began hallucinating and lost 35 pounds. I had no idea what hit me until doctors diagnosed me with severe PPD. It was the most terrifying, isolating experience I’ve ever been through and the next three months were hell until I was able to get the right help and support to guide me through. Thanks to excellent doctors and the loving support of my husband and family, I not only survived it I thrived. The week after my son’s first birthday I boarded a plane to South Africa and resumed the one thing in life besides my family that I loved: Travel. Through traveling, writing and photography I began to see the beauty of the world again and the dark days of PPD and anxiety were long gone. But I will never forget them.

About this photo: I captured this photo after rising at dawn and climbing the Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala. The neighboring volcano had just erupted and the clear day had become full of smoke and clouds. It was a mystical experience that I will never forget!

Seeking submissions for the Broken Light Collective. Please submit photos today.

14 thoughts on “Volcanoes of Guatemala

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  1. I absolutely love your photo! The story behind it makes it that much more inspiring and also says that no matter what gets tossed at us, you can overcome it and create something beautiful 🙂 Keep up the awesome photo shoots!


  2. Amazing story and beautiful photo! I’m glad that you were able to pull through it. Seeing the world really opens your mind doesn’t it? Traveling helps you see that the world is a beautiful place. That’s why I love travel 🙂

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  3. Very happy to hear of your beautiful and fruitful recovery!! Excellent photograph and I know a mystical experience renders you an incredible experience you will never forget. Many blessings to you and well wishes!! You are already successful!


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