Please welcome first-time contributor Brandy, a 37-year-old woman living with her Pomeranian, Zipper, in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. She is a Certified Veterinary Technician, having devoted her life to animal advocacy, as well as a photographer. In 2004 she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, amongst a myriad of other mental afflictions, but has suffered... Continue Reading →


Photos taken by first-time contributor Ash, a teenage student from South Africa. Alongside several autonomic diseases, Ash suffers from severe depression intermingled with brief periods of hypomania. While her mood has improved on her current medication, Ash still goes through depressive episodes. She turns to photography as her mental safe-haven.About these photos: "These are a couple of self-portraits from... Continue Reading →


Photo taken by Danielle a contributor with a host of mental health issues that she refers to as her “mental mess.” It includes depression, anxiety, and hypomania. She uses her camera to express her inner self and to help her through challenging situations. About this photo: "I like to photograph the unexpected. Moments with a bit of a... Continue Reading →


Please say a warm hello to first-time contributor Ash, a 33-year-old man recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The doctors are still determining whether the diagnosis will be bipolar type I or II. The diagnosis came as a surprise to him because he never thought much about his mood shifts or activities until very recently. This is also the first... Continue Reading →


Photo taken by contributor Danielle while in Massachusetts. She's a woman in her thirties who has had many diagnoses over the years, including major depressive disorder and bipolar II. About this photo: “I'm having one of those tough days when I feel like I have no voice and no control over my life or treatment. I'm trying... Continue Reading →

Agitated Depression

Photos taken by a contributor on the bipolar spectrum. She has battled depression, hypomania, insomnia, anxiety, BPD, ADD and more. About these photos: "These three photographs may be abstract, but to me they tell the story of agitated depression. Explosion, sadness and confusion, often all at once. The images capture fireworks, something loud and intense like... Continue Reading →


Photo taken by contributor Danielle who has been diagnosed with bipolar II. She suffers on and off with severe depression, anxiety, agitation, and panic attacks. She recently has been experiencing a mixed episode with hypomania. This has given her positives, such as floods of ideas, as well as negatives, such as anger, and poor impulse... Continue Reading →

The Colors of Bipolar

Photo taken by contributor Danielle who has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, type II. She uses photography in different ways to capture and explore her moods. It is an important part of her therapy and her life. About this photo: "I love to take photos that capture what is going on inside of me at... Continue Reading →

Painting with Light

Photo taken by contributor Danielle, a bipolar woman in her thirties. Her mood shifts leave her either able to do nothing at all or an extraordinary amount all at once. She likes photography because it is something she can do any time, even when she swings to an extreme in either direction. About this photo:... Continue Reading →

Black Sun of El Moro

Photos taken by first-time contributor Joel Sax, a man who has suffered from bipolar depressions since he was in second grade. He earned an Anthropology degree from Pomona College and attended Duke University on a graduate fellowship that he lost after assuming too heavy a course load, typical of his hypomanic episodes. In 1992, he... Continue Reading →


Photo taken by a woman in her thirties who suffers from a bipolar illness. As is the case with bipolar, her moods are erratic. Generally down, but sometimes up. It makes working and living a normal life difficult. About this photo: “This photograph was taken at a luau in Hawaii. I love fire but am also scared... Continue Reading →

Paradise Mania

Photo creation by Marlena Rivers, a 44-year-old woman in NYC who has been suffering from bipolar I disorder and anxiety since the age of 19. About this photo: “I’ve had fun lately taking pictures of odd stuff I see on the street, going in the same route most if the time. It’s interesting how much you can... Continue Reading →

Melting Contrast

Photo taken by DeeDee, who struggles with bipolar disorder and ADD. She likes to experiment with different cameras and film. About this photo: There are days when the light is brighter than bright. The trees are so beautiful that I become choked up at the sight of them. Their twisted branches mimic my convoluted, racing thoughts.... Continue Reading →

Masked Warrioress

Photo taken by Dee, who is currently in the hospital undergoing E.C.T. aka "shock therapy" for the treatment of depression and bipolar, hence the fashionable paper bracelet. About this photo: I am not supposed to take photos here in the hospital, but managed to sneak this one in. The mask partly speaks for itself. I... Continue Reading →

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