Close But Far Away (Photo Challenge: Through)

Sometimes, many times, I’m present, but I feel like I’m a world apart. Like I am looking at the world through foggy gray glasses of depression. Like life around me is really just a movie on celluloid playing out before me.

Seeking photo submissions for the Broken Light Collective. Please submit today.

10 thoughts on “Close But Far Away (Photo Challenge: Through)

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  1. I remember those foggy days, spent wathcing the world go by but not being a part of life… Be encouraged… the fog will lift, the dingy glasses will be washed clean.


  2. I want to say something positive and encouraging to you but if it’s depression that you experience, I’m afraid that I’ll be ineffective. On second thought, I have to try anyway.

    Hold on. This IS the real world. Remember the fact that the real world is saturated with duality. For every bit of fakeness, sadness and hopelessness that you find, there is a measure of truth, happiness and hopefulness. The good aspects don’t always manifest in obvious ways. We must search for them. Rely on that seach to boost the fulfillment that you need.


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