Photo taken by Sarah Monagle, a 44-year-old educator, mother, writer, photographer, and brain tumor survivor. She also struggles with ongoing depression. About this photo: "I call this photograph "Loneliness." It was taken in Skagway, Alaska from a train. Though it is a color photograph, the tones are almost all gray. The trees in the foreground... Continue Reading →

Fallen Flag

Photo taken by Dem-Eyez, a 20-year-old student in Los Angeles, CA. Born and raised in Southern California, Dem-Eyez has been working with visual arts for a number of years now. She derives her pseudonym from the double-entendre of "them/those eyes" and "demise." Dem-Eyez also publishes literary work under the name Autumn Hamnet, an homage to her fiery... Continue Reading →

Beauty and Resilience

Photo taken by Caroline, a 49-year-old woman with depression from Market Harborough, UK. She is married and has a 17 year old son. She works full-time and travels a lot with her job and all this means whilst life is very interesting it can be challenging and tiring at times when trying to cope with thankfully... Continue Reading →

The Lonely Road

Photo taken by Josefine, a swedish photography student currently based out of Los Angeles. The reason she decided to pursue photography full time is because she saw the impact pictures can have on people, both by looking at them, and making them. While volunteering for a church program that takes in victims of sex trafficking, she walked... Continue Reading →

River Dreams

Photo taken by Rachel Bussières, a 26-year-old Quebec
 City, Canada native, currently based out of the North Coast of California. She has been connected to mental illness since her childhood, when she had family members close to her struggling with different mental health issues. When she was 7, her uncle, who was deaf and suffers... Continue Reading →

Moving On

Photo taken by Natalia from Boston, Massachusetts. She is 17 years old, and recovering from anorexia nervosa. About this photo: These walls only remind me of the feelings of negativity, anxiousness, loneliness, and despair. The blue tiles lined with a hopeless effort to fit in. The floor always reflecting a self conscious, fearful, younger me, who thought... Continue Reading →

Taped Up

Photo taken by CG, who is suffering from depression. She has been going through a difficult time recently and has been feeling very fragile. About this photo: This car was sitting on the street outside my house. It looked okay from the front, but from the back it looked like it was falling apart. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

By the Light of a Flashlight

Photo taken by Sarah M, who is a 14 year old girl from Washington State. She has lived for several years with anxiety and some crippling fears. She has recently recovered to an extent, and has started developing a love of photography. About this photo: I call this piece "Flashlight Bright." This photograph is of my friend... Continue Reading →

Prison of Solitude

Photo taken by Cindy Darkheart, a 50 year old woman from Texas, who has been living with depression for 36 years. About this photo: At times I have difficulty being around people. This photo was taken one morning when I woke up early to do the laundry at my apartment complex. I get up early... Continue Reading →

Consumed by Nature

Photo taken by J.K., 27 years old, of Sacramento, California. She suffers from depression and anxiety. About this photo: On a busy Midtown street stands a house neglected. It's beautiful and intricate workings left to be consumed by the forces of nature. **Submit photos to Broken Light here. **We’re now on Facebook & Twitter! Like us for additional work, announcements, links,... Continue Reading →

The Dark Angel

Photo taken by D.C. from N.Y. About this photo: It's no secret that when depression takes hold, thoughts of death and dying and the nature of being may not be far behind. I'm having one of those weeks. I am not suicidal, just preoccupied with death. Thoughts about being dead, funerals, etc. Given that there... Continue Reading →

Insanity in Indigo

Photo by Stefanie, whose depression has manifested itself in a number of different ways over the years, the most painful of which being resentment and anger. About this photo: Anger can cannibalize the soul- consumed from the inside out. At a certain point, my anger and anxiety would catch fire, and once again, from the inside... Continue Reading →

Melting Point

Photo taken by Anna Jordan from England, who has Borderline Personality Disorder. She has been struggling with depression, anxiety and weight problems since her early teens. Creating art helps her to release the negative emotions and turn them into something positive and productive. She says that helps her to lead a normal life without restricting herself or being... Continue Reading →


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