The Lonely Road

Photo taken by Josefine, a swedish photography student currently based out of Los Angeles. The reason she decided to pursue photography full time is because she saw the impact pictures can have on people, both by looking at them, and making them. While volunteering for a church program that takes in victims of sex trafficking, she walked alongside a lot of mental struggles. She wants her pictures to be a voice to those that have no voice of their own yet, and to bring out the beauty hidden in the midst of brokenness.

About this photo: “This photograph was taken early in the morning, on a swedish island called Öland. We always gotta remember that even though our days and/or lives may start out pretty foggy and lonely, soon enough the fog will give way for sunshine, and the empty roads we’re walking will be full of others.”


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16 thoughts on “The Lonely Road

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  1. Wonderful photo. The words “…beauty hidden in the midst of brokenness.” could perfectly describe my own journey at the moment, finding the positive from the landscape of illness. Thanks for sharing this photo 🙂


  2. Beautiful. I LOVE fog. I don’t mind if the whole day passes with no sunshine breaking through the fog. It smells so fresh and good, and it lends an incredible ethereal quality to everything (as is beautifully shown in this picture). One of the (many!) great things about living in coastal Northern California–fog!! =)


  3. I’ve found that photography helps me with mental struggles. I like ordinary things we might take for granted and trying to manifest them as amazing as they really are. This is a good photo and I really like the story behind it.


  4. I can see a Lanvin fashion shoot done on this road. Or a parade of Phillip Treacy hats…..maybe that’s overdoing it. Some sort of fashion shoot would be nice. Burberry would work it here too.


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