Third Floor-B

Photo taken by contributor Annie, a woman who lives with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and periods of dissociation with her feline companion Zoe. About this photo: “How many times was I hospitalized?  Always on the inside looking out~ down and wondering when, I would be on the outside looking in~ up at faceless windows and knowing the pain... Continue Reading →


Photo taken by contributor A, a 28-year-old woman who suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), and associated depression and anxiety. She has been in and out of hospitals in Europe and the Middle East over the past few years, but has yet to find relief. She has had awful experiences in the different hospitals, and... Continue Reading →

Abandoned Mental Hospital Building at Night

Photos taken by Danielle, a photographer in her thirties who suffers from major depressive disorder and falls somewhere on the bipolar spectrum. She recently spent two weeks at a psychiatric facility in Massachusetts where she did an intensive residential program. About these photos: "I took these photographs several months ago during my stay at a mental... Continue Reading →

I’m Still Here, Still Valuable

Photos taken by first-time contributor Cliff, a 35-year-old male from Rhode Island, who has struggled with severe depression and PTSD for most of his life. He was in a good place with the things that caused the PTSD, but the depression was another matter. Last fall, he came dangerously close to taking his own life and... Continue Reading →

Abandoned Metropolitan State Mental Hospital

Photos taken by contributor DC, a woman in her thirties who has been diagnosed with major depressive disorder and bipolar II. She was recently released from a psychiatric facility where she did an intensive residential program. About these photos: "I took these photographs several weeks ago after a stay at a psychiatric hospital. A day patient in... Continue Reading →


Photo taken by Rhonda in Southern USA, whose daughter has been suffering from major mental health issues. My adult daughter recently suffered a psychotic event, nervous breakdown, bipolar tendencies, ocd, panic and anxiety disorder (these are just some of the possibilities, we really don't know which yet is causing her erratic behavior).  She has been hospitalized twice in... Continue Reading →

Entering the Asylum

Photos taken by Dee, who suffers from clinical depression, anxiety/panic attacks, bipolar II, and a host of other diagnoses and issues. About these photos: I took the first two on my way in to the psychiatric hospital last week, and the third now that I've begun to settle. I have been admitted because nothing seems... Continue Reading →

Not to Full Capacity

Photo taken by Jill, 38, from Boston. I took these within an hour of returning home from my first hospitalization. I wanted to document how I looked, whether I would ever look like my real self again. Except, as it turned out, this is my real self. I woke up one winter morning, one year... Continue Reading →

Layers of Life; Psychiatric Hospital

Photo taken by The Quiet Borderline, who suffers from depression, anxiety, and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). This photo was taken in the art room of her psychiatric hospital in Israel. I have been hospitalized for 14 months and am due to be released next Tuesday. This is a photo of the art room that I have been... Continue Reading →

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