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Welcome to the gallery site of Broken Light Collective. We are artists of all levels and abilities who are affected by mental illness. We create and we share our work for the therapeutic benefits to us, as well as others who may be struggling and feeling scared and alone. Together we can move from disconnected to collective.

Abandoned Metropolitan State Mental Hospital BuildingIMG_0697aaIMG_0696aaIMG_0673aaIMG_0671aa

Photos taken by contributor DC, a woman in her thirties who has been diagnosed with major depressive disorder and bipolar II. She was recently released from a psychiatric facility where she did an intensive residential program.

About these photos: “I took these photographs several weeks ago after a stay at a psychiatric hospital. A day patient in my program who lived in the area knew of my love for photography and abandoned buildings, so she told me to go to a certain nearby town house community, and that if I kept walking I would find a very cool unique building to photograph. So the day after I was released, before heading home, I had to go explore. After walking passed the condos, and across a snow covered field – my sneakers and feet getting soaked along the way – I arrived at the massive abandoned building, completely boarded up and covered in graffiti. It was the last remaining building from one of the largest and most notorious mental hospitals in the country. A hospital that was known to have had horrible conditions resulting in many suicides and even homicides. I was unable to get inside – not for lack of trying – but that was probably for the better since it is said to be haunted by many trapped souls. It was an amazing unique building though – one that I’m happy I never had to stay in – but am glad I had the opportunity to photograph.” 


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16 responses to “Abandoned Metropolitan State Mental Hospital”

  1. hiberniangypsy Avatar

    Lovely photographs!


  2. 3rdCultureChildren Avatar

    Beautiful and colorful collection of images… great to see the hospital thru a different perspective – somebody who’s actually being part of it… very interesting! 😮


  3. Lucid Gypsy Avatar

    How sad to see this building in disrepair. In my town they have converted teh old mental hospitals into beautiful apartments – although I don’t think I’d want to live there, I’m sure they would hold many unhappy ghosts.


  4. anisjarossi Avatar

    Sad stories behind this walls . Good photos .


  5. nuvofelt Avatar

    Beautiful patterns and textures created by the decay. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Robin Avatar

    Very special photos, especially knowing the background.


  7. SeniSilat Avatar

    Great shots, beautiful colors!


  8. Another Perspective Photography Avatar

    When I’m not being a photographer, I work for an agency that was a big part of the process of shutting down institutions in Ontario Canada- those for the developmentally disabled, but also those often were for those with mental illness. There is an abandoned institution near me- and I would love to take photos of it as well- to celebrate it’s closed doors and mourn for those who once were trapped there.


  9. gita4elamats Avatar

    Great pics!
    I’m confused, isn’t depression a component of ‘bipolar’, so why a separate dx of ‘depression’?


    1. Broken Light Photography Collective Avatar

      She got the diagnosis of MDD years ago and was recently diagnosed with bipolar II. She primarily struggles with depression.


      1. gita4elamats Avatar

        So, the initial diagnosis must have been incorrect?


      2. Syncopated Eyeball Avatar

        I meant I too had the MDD diagnosis for years and finally the Bipolar II diagnosis just a few months ago.

        The hypo-mania can go unnoticed and we have more lows than highs.


  10. Marcel Avatar



  11. grumpytykepix Avatar

    I think you were lucky to be able to see and photograph this building as it is; the notorious ‘mental hospital’ near me has been turned into luxury apartments and I struggled to find something to photograph which gave an indication of it’s bleak past when I did a post about it last month. I think it would be great if you went back and photo’d it in black and white. By the way, my wife says she would not live in the place near us, despite its luxury – as you say, too many ghosts (there are around 2,500 former inmates buried, together, nearby and that is certainly too many!)


  12. luro97 Avatar

    Amazing photos. Haunting and sad. Hoping you are well. Peace to you.


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