Third Floor-B

Photo taken by contributor Annie, a woman who lives with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and periods of dissociation with her feline companion Zoe.

About this photo: “How many times was I hospitalized? 

Always on the inside looking out~ down and wondering when, I would be on the outside looking in~ up at faceless windows and knowing the pain inside. 

The maze of Psychiatric hospitalization and finding one’s own path through ~ taking steps at our own pace towards recovery.


2 thoughts on “Third Floor-B

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  1. I can truly relate. I love the black and white, the angles and dimensions. Sadly, I was bullied by psych staff who were supposed to be caring for me. By God’s grace I’m not in the “will it ever end cycle” anymore. I take my meds and receive therapy so I can avoid having to return. I also study Scripture. Consistency is truly key. I like that there is a cross in the bottom picture. The first is dark, the second is like free-fall and Christ is there to save you in the third. He won’t leave or forsake you.

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  2. Your pictures are raw and stark yet through it all, the light emerges. A very perceptive view of life through your eyes and thus – your camera. Thank you for sharing.


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