Photography by K. Sforza who has lived with chronic mental illness since the age of 10, when they first attempted suicide. They experience chaos, sometimes followed by periods of relief, melancholy, voices, and anxiety. Photography is the medium they use to give voice to opinions, ideas, thoughts, and feelings of oppression. They are a survivor, not victim.

About these photos:

Photo One (0290): As a person living with mental illness, I have often thought that people think they can see right through me and only glance at what’s inside, but ultimately gathering only the fuzziest of pictures. Memories, shapes, intersecting emotions and abstract thoughts given a mystery diagnosis by paternalistic doctors and therapists based on their own fuzzy algorithms. 
Photo Two (Perspective): Responses follow reactions, often in hindsight. I feel it’s ok to occasionally look back, not to feel regret or out of fear, but to leave things behind. I have found that it’s okay to let go and not be defined by illness or action or even inaction. I say goodbye to those who are toxic and look forward to those people and experiences that bring joy to life.
Photo Three (Espresso Left Behind): Treatment teams (doctors, nurses, therapist) have often said they’re left to clean up the messes that others have left behind. People spoiled and dirty, cluttered minds and neglect. People have forgotten about us, leaving us to fend for ourselves. Small and big things left on benches that people walk past without a thought. I’m keen to observe those who are willing to lend a hand and pull someone to their feet until they can walk by themselves. Peers and other compassionate humans do exist.”

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  1. Although its a tough pill to swallow my favorite line is from Otto Rank; “For the only therapy is life. The patient must learn to live, to live with his split, his conflict, his ambivalence, which no therapy can take away, for if it could, it would take with it the actual spring of life.”


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