Please welcome first-time contributor Renée, a 28-year-old woman who has lived through psychosis. Three year ago, her world came crashing down. She was starting a new job, trying to make new friends, and looking for the good in people. Stress led to not sleeping and not taking care of herself, body and mind. She ended up becoming an involuntary patient in a psychiatric hospital for three months at three different places. She couldn’t trust anyone or anything.

About this photo: “This is from the first time I got to spend time with my boyfriend after I got out of the hospital. I was in three different hospitals over a span of three months due to a “psychotic episode.” Every psychiatrist had a different diagnosis for me. I’m still dealing with post traumatic thoughts, feelings and emotional scars from the entire ordeal. I have a ton of terrible memories from some of the hospitals.

Find more from Renée at her Instagram @twistedpassion.


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9 thoughts on “Psychosis

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  1. A very touching photo. I have a family member who endured a similar situation, different diagnoses…was told later he was sent to the wrong hospital for 3 months. I feel for you. Take one day at a time, one photo at a time. Heal from your heart. Much love to you.

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  2. I love the comfort you portray here. I hope very much that you have or can find someone, a clinician, whom you trust and who can help you. It made a big difference for me.


  3. So much unnecessary suffering may be caused by those who may end up doing more harm than good for the best of reasons. Experts are not God, and they can make mistakes.

    If mistakes are made, we have to hope that those responsible have the integrity and moral fibre to acknowledge them and do not indulge in the stubbornness of professional pride that often makes things worse.

    I hope you find the right professional help and continue along the path to a full recovery. Give yourself time, and remember, when the Lord made time he made plenty of it.


  4. I know that feeling! Being involuntarily sectioned is not fun- I was in and out of hospitals for five years before they decided I was fit and well enough to remain outside in the ‘real world.’ The experiences I had with psychosis were strange and unsettling, and I am still getting over them now, eleven years on! Take care, and thanks for sharing.


  5. Thank you for sharing this. It’s so important that we come to understand psychosis from a personal perspective. I have just published an article about schizophrenia – perhaps you’d like to have a read 🙂


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