Swirl; a Depiction of Depression

Please welcome first-time contributor Cracked Porcelain, a young adult who has faced many trials in her life, including depression and anxiety. She suffered in silence for many years until she entrusted this secret with someone who cared for her. She still experiences mental health challenges on a regular basis, but she battles them day by day with the help and support of her family and her church.

About this photo: “This photo was taken in an indoors dark-lit environment where evaporated water floated in the air below a bright light in order for the water droplets to show. The photo swirl is intended to be both a beautiful yet darkly lit depiction of depression. Depression spirals like in the photo, it snowballs and blurs up till the point where you can no longer recognize the source of your mental anguish. It is a condition that continues to be a struggle for me even today. My depression started 8 years ago, and like the image, the fine lines between despair and reality blurred. While many parts of my life are clearly known, like the detailed drops of evaporated water, there are also many times where the unknowns do tend to send me in a swirl of anxiety and depression. Getting back up is never easy, but just as the picture shows, after you do get back up, the chaos in your mind reforms into the beauty of living in peace/joy once again.


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