Photo taken by contributor Danielle who has been diagnosed with bipolar II. She struggles with the ups and downs associated with her illness — depression, hypomania, anger, anxiety —  as well as balancing life as a wife and mother.

About this photo: “There’s something about a library that feels very antiquated, and yet there’s such comfort to be found inside those walls. I had driven past the library in my town hundreds of times over the past five years, but I never had gone inside. I finally took my daughter for the first time recently, and it was as if time had stopped when I was a child. That same musky smell greeted me as I walked in the door. The same classic books and characters surrounded me. And I instantly felt that I could be transported from my life and any troubles to exciting new worlds.

I hope that I can tap back into that magic, and that I can help my daughter discover it too.


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