Torn Apart

Photo taken by Page, a teenager from Columbus, Ohio, who has used music and art to help her navigate through mental illness. At just 17, Page has already been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, major depression, and panic disorder. She has had three suicide attempts and has self harmed for over four years. She still struggles every day but she is slowly becoming able to cope with it in a healthier way thanks to the help she’s gotten from medications, therapy, and her family and friends.

About this photo: “This photograph really means a lot to me because it represents the struggles I have encountered with self harm and low self esteem. I felt so low about myself that I felt the need to harm the outside to match the inside. I treated myself like paper, cutting and burning constantly and I could barely look at myself in the mirror without breaking into tears. This photo really represents the struggles I have experienced and it’s one of the most emotional art pieces I have done so far.”


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14 thoughts on “Torn Apart

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  1. Those are some powerful photos. I felt the same way a while back. I could not look at myself in the mirror. And I ended up writing negative words on the mirror. Didn’t make me feel any better. But it helped me get “it” out of my system. Sending peaceful thoughts.


  2. This is so well done. As other said, it captured my attention and emotions instantly. “Yes. This is right. This is how it feels.” I’ve struggled with bipolar & SI since I was in high school, too… our stories aren’t the same, I’m sure, but I just… I guess I just wanted you to know that I am one more person out there who identifies with your photography. Great work. Hold on.


  3. Dramatic work that immediately conveys the trauma of your life experiences. I have a male cousin who has suffered from a similar combination of problems since his late teens. He recently turned 50 and despite many ups and downs he has learned to cope with many of the difficulties of life and still has much to live for. I wish you well with your photography art and life.


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