Explosion of Emotion

feathersPhoto taken by Janna, who has suffered from panic attacks for the last year that have left her shaken and insecure. However, through her anxiety she has met some really nice people who have similar conditions and this has really helped her in realizing that she is not alone. It allowed her to understand her situation and mental illness more. She is currently in her final year of a Fine Art degree in Ireland and is using being creative to help release some of the pressures in her life.

About this photo: “This is an image I took from a video shoot I was doing called ‘Forgotten Space.’ It was shot in an abandoned house covered in graffiti. In the video she is trying to connect with the other character but it is not working. In the moment that you see in this photograph I wanted to capture her frustration and loneliness in an explosion of emotion.


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8 thoughts on “Explosion of Emotion

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  1. I love this photograph. A lot. But more than this I want to see this video! It looks like it is an astounding video! Especially is coupled with some great slow motion parts! Thanks for sharing this story and this photograph though. 🙂

    ~My Blog


  2. This is an incredible image. I’ve suffered from panic attacks and have been told I have ‘severe anxiety’ – I think I’ve come through the worst now and I’m starting to see the beauty in life again, but I remember how it feels to have an attack, and this sums it up wonderfully. Perfect.


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