Torn Apart

Photo taken by Page, a teenager from Columbus, Ohio, who has used music and art to help her navigate through mental illness. At just 17, Page has already been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, major depression, and panic disorder. She has had three suicide attempts and has self harmed for over four years. She still struggles every day... Continue Reading →

Explosion of Emotion

Photo taken by Janna, who has suffered from panic attacks for the last year that have left her shaken and insecure. However, through her anxiety she has met some really nice people who have similar conditions and this has really helped her in realizing that she is not alone. It allowed her to understand her situation and... Continue Reading →

The Beast Inside

Photo taken by a woman in her thirties in New York who suffers from major mood shifts, perhaps caused by bipolar disorder. About this photo: "I saw this disturbing creature in a window display in Manhattan. I was disgusted but intrigued. Sometimes I feel like a monster because of my unpredictable moods. Like a hideous... Continue Reading →


Photo taken by Katie, a student photographer in Ireland. Katie has suffered from Social Anxiety since she was 15-years-old. 3 years ago she was diagnosed officially, and she has been on medication ever since. Katie is using photography as a means to raise awareness and help understand Social Anxiety herself. It has driven her to create a blog dedicated to... Continue Reading →


Photo taken by Cristiana Cappelletti, a 43-year-old woman who lives in England. She was born in Italy in a dysfunctional family that created many problems for her, including the social anxiety from which she has been suffering since she was a child as well as depression. She has been to psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors and took antidepressants for 13... Continue Reading →

Fighting Stigma

Photo taken by a woman who suffers from the mental health issues above, including depression, anxiety, and bipolar II. About this photo: "This is a submission for both Broken Light Collective, and Unmasked, a project that encourages people to come out about their diagnoses to help fight stigma. It is hard for me to put... Continue Reading →

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