Confidence in a Pill

Photo taken by Katie Mc Dougall, a student photographer in Ireland who has suffered from Social Anxiety since she was 15. She was diagnosed almost 4 years ago and has been on medication since. Katie is using photography as a means to raise awareness and help understand SA herself. It has driven her to create a blog dedicated to SA, her thoughts, and her experiences, hoping to help others with Social Anxiety.

About this photo: “Having been on medication since 2011 I’ve become aware of my dependency on it. While I learned other techniques to help me cope, the medication has been the main thing that has got me through the last few years. I wonder… 

How can something so small control my life?

How can my life function because of this one small red pill?

People who suffer from Social Anxiety find the smallest things the hardest. With this pill I can take public transport, socialise with my friends, attend college, go out on nights out and more importantly create relationships (be it romantic or otherwise).

One small reddy-orange pill gives me the confidence to show who I really am. Without this pill I would be nothing…without it right now I would crumble.

I don’t dare think of my life without it, not yet anyway because without it who am I?”


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8 thoughts on “Confidence in a Pill

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  1. I love how this picture affects my thought process for I am on medication as well. I am now in peace that I have to take medication for the rest of my life. Without it, there is no “I”, just a jumbled “me”. Take care.


  2. Great photo. I tried that road but found that therapy helped far more. I hope you have found someone out there to talk to in addition to the medication. Very good luck to you.


  3. Hi Guys. Thank you for the likes and comments!

    Something was brought to my attention that I feel I should address. I do not regret going on medication, it gave me the confidence to be myself. I would not be where I am right now without it. I’ve learned techniques to cope with my SA and am grateful for what the medication has allowed me to do. Sometimes these thoughts creep into my mind and I was in a darker place when I wrote and took this photo but felt it needed to be shared. I hope to one day be free from the medication, having learnt to control my SA but for now I don’t mind being on them!


  4. Smart, interesting comments, and the photo is so expressive of the questions that come up when, as you note, you think about how such a tiny thing makes such a big change possible.


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