Catalina Sunrise

Photo taken by Lisa Day. In her words: “I am a blogger but I am also a person that is fighting for her life with anxiety disorder, PTSD, depressive disorder and mild bipolar. I feel I have been ‘melancholy’ most of my life but as things in my life became more difficult I turned to many things trying to cope until I felt suicide was my only solution. The very night I planned my great escape I was contacted by a the father of a friend and he changed my life. We eventually married but I still have terrible ups and downs. I keep him constantly looking for creative ways to help and I would not be here without him. One of the things he has really encouraged me to do is take photographs and to write. I have 4 blogs….including one dedicated to my photography and another dedicated to surviving my mind.”

About this photo: “This photograph was shot on Catalina Island on my way up to see my horse Rosie. It was a magical morning for a myriad of reasons….I was getting out of the house and had some independence to see my horse……I had the strength and fortitude to leave my house and then I saw this wonderful sunrise and it spoke to me as if God was saying…’You are going to be okay, the world is a beautiful place made even more beautiful because you are here. Do not give up, there are so many more sunrises to live for.’ It was a very good day.”


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