Multiple Personalities

Photos taken by Quantumphysica. In her words: “Last year was a hectic time for me, I got incarcerated (twice) and have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, malignant narcissism and mild DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder). The schizophrenia is most likely a hereditary condition, as there are more cases on my mother’s side of the family… as for the narcissism… I think I have always been like that. I share my head with a woman who refers to herself as The Riemann Hypothesis. I don’t know what she does, but apparently she does know everything I do. It is a confusing situation. I also study History of Art at the moment, but I used to be a Physics student. My psychosis turned my life upside down, and I had to abandon those dreams. Despite that, I will always love Physics. I still live at home and that’s not the easiest of situations for me, but I try to cope as good as I can.”

About these photos: “This first photo is me and Riemann, or Riemann and herself, I don’t know. I am not in my own eyes, it is odd to see that on a photo. We converse with each other at times, Riemann and I.

The second one… Sometimes I don’t recognize my own reflection.” 


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11 thoughts on “Multiple Personalities

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  1. I don’t think there is anything ‘wrong’ with you – you are just different and, as others said, brave and beautiful. Being put into all those categories must make things very difficult for you. Crossing from physics to art history makes you wonderfully exceptional even though I would say that physics is in itself art. Stick with it; we need people like you.


  2. Hi there, I am nominating this blog for an award, check out my recent blog post on Knitters Notebook to find out all about it.


  3. you speak with such clarity and calm. The photos are intriguing; it’s you with two very different energies. Does she help you or intrude to destruction? Is it confusing because no-one understands or because you yourself are confused? Thank you for sharing… it’s beautiful to meet you both..


    1. It’s both confusing to me and the world around me. Riemann helps, sometimes, on her own terms. She can be very harsh to me, a bit like a mother, a mistress, an older sister. When things become too much on me, and I threaten to lose my dignity and coherence once again, I know she takes over. I only remember black, like falling asleep, but I know from others she was there then. People have said that perhaps Riemann is the conscience I lack being myself… But that seems derogatory to her, as if she is not her own person. I believe she is. Thank you for addressing us as such.


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