Melting Contrast

Photo taken by DeeDee, who struggles with bipolar disorder and ADD. She likes to experiment with different cameras and film.

About this photo: There are days when the light is brighter than bright. The trees are so beautiful that I become choked up at the sight of them. Their twisted branches mimic my convoluted, racing thoughts. Everything has extra significance and a special glow. But I am too hasty, impulsive, eager. I do not dry my negatives properly, so the water leaves streaks and runs that melt the sky, like hypomanic moods melting away.

This photo was made with a 1937 Agfa Cadet B-2 box camera, a hand-held red filter to enhance contrast, Arista.EDU 400 120 film, and daylight processing.

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10 thoughts on “Melting Contrast

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  1. Thanks! I thought the photo was a complete loss initially due to the streaking. But then I decided I liked it that way. 🙂


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