Mental Slump

Photo taken by Lala, a 32 year old woman from Washington, DC, who suffers from severe depression, anxiety and panic disorders, and a mood disorder. She also has family and loved ones with mental health issues, including bipolar and addiction. She tries to use hobbies such as photography, cooking, biking, hiking, writing, and traveling to lessen her depression and anxiety. She has some good days, and other days when she doesn’t want to leave the house.

About this photo: I got a new camera for my birthday, a Holga. I am still experimenting with my Holga and loving the fish eye lens, although I haven’t captured a “wow” shot yet. I will keep working on it! The new camera is amazing and I am learning my way around, gratefully. I have a hard time keeping the Holga steady, which seems appropriate because I am working my way out of a little mental slump. What is funny is all the GOOD things that happened during the slump–I moved to a wonderful new place and had so much help from my family. I am trying to focus on the good and get back to life, because the sun is out and it’s summer!

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