Sometimes I Want to Disappear

Photo taken by 19 year old Christina Erb, who has been studying the art of photography in and out of school for the last 8 years. She suffers from anxiety due to stress and sleep deprivation.

About this photo: This photograph was part of my “Lyric Series,” which was a project from my black and white film class in school. The project was to take photos that said something about us. Music is a big part of my life. In order to incorporate that, I decided to use lyrics from 15 of my favorite songs and take photos that had to do with those lyrics, but also said something about my feelings towards aspects of my life or parts of my personality. The artist and lyrics that inspired this image were “Houdini” by Foster the People – “Sometimes I want to disappear.” In this photo, I wanted to show that sometimes, you just need to get away from everything going on around you and just…. disappear.

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9 thoughts on “Sometimes I Want to Disappear

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  1. Christina-this is an amazing photo. It belongs in a gallery or on the cover of one of your favorite band’s albums. You clealy have a talent that can take you far in life! Keep it up! Can you share how you created this image?


    1. I took the photo with a nikon N8008S film camera and had a very slow shutter speed, using black and white film. It was my first year using a film camera, so I had a lot of fun messing with the exposer of the developer and leaving the dust on the film.
      Thank you for the compliments, its nice to know that people appreciate my work!


  2. Christina,
    I never leave comments on blogs or forums. This touching photo made me to make an exception.
    It reminded me a sad story – a different interpretation – of a girl who disappeared from my life forever.
    Thank you for the experience.


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