Photo taken by contributor Danielle, a woman in her thirties who suffers from bipolar disorder, type II. She is a writer, photographer, life coach and mental health advocate. Danielle is also the founder and director of Broken Light Collective. About this photo: "This past weekend I attended the Active Minds national conference at the University of... Continue Reading →

Mental Slump

Photo taken by Lala, a 32 year old woman from Washington, DC, who suffers from severe depression, anxiety and panic disorders, and a mood disorder. She also has family and loved ones with mental health issues, including bipolar and addiction. She tries to use hobbies such as photography, cooking, biking, hiking, writing, and traveling to lessen her... Continue Reading →

Summer in the City

Photo taken by Lala, a 32 year old woman living in Washington, DC, who battles severe depression, crippling anxiety/panic disorder, a mood disorder, and the list could go on. She also has family and loved ones who are battling mental health issues such as bipolar disorder and addiction. She is very interested in all the different... Continue Reading →

The Thinker

Photo taken by DeeDee, a bipolar sufferer. Not pensive, but mischievous, somewhat surreal, and much larger than life. I think of Harvey. Is it really there? The film records only truth, so the giant rabbit cannot be a hallucination. This time, anyway. The Thinker on a Rock is in the Sculpture Garden of the National Gallery of Art in... Continue Reading →

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