The Fog Lifts

Photo taken by Rainey. I have been diagnosed with depression. It is possible that I am also bipolar, but as of yet no official diagnosis. Lately, every day has been a struggle, so I have turned more and more to my blog as an outlet. On my blog I share poetry, musings about life, artwork I have created, and photographs. It is the one place in the world I can truly be me.

About this photo: The photo I have submitted is a picture I took while traveling in Canada. The fog represents my depression. Underneath the layer of depression is my beautiful soul, just waiting to be seen again. I love the colors of this picture because colors represent life to me.

To submit your photos to the Broken Light Collective, see submissions or click follow.

6 thoughts on “The Fog Lifts

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  1. Dear Rainy,
    You have captured an amazing image of my vast homeland. I love that it is actually from where I live, I also love seeing photos of places I almost have no hope of ever visiting as well, but it with a sense of loss. This photo gives me a sense of inspiring hope. And the beauty that lies shrouded in mist.
    The fog will lift. We are here to support each other in journeying out of the fog, so write if you want to chat.
    I hope today is a day filled with sunshine.
    ox – S.


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