Inside Outside

I’m not a religious person, but sometimes believing in something bigger has helped me through very dark times. Family deaths, deep depressions, uncontrollable mood spirals. I very much do believe in the transformative powers of religion and faith, however, this past year it has eluded me. Barbed wire has felt closer to a religion than actual organized religion. When I pass a barbed prison I feel like I belong on the inside, separated from the “normal” population; it draws me in more than any temple or church possibly could. I feel like the barbed wires should be wrapped around me piercing my skin, leaving the mark of my crazy all over me. 

Note from Broken Light: We encourage people to please contact a doctor or mental health professional when you feel so low, or call a crisis helpline such as 1-800-273-TALK.

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7 thoughts on “Inside Outside

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  1. sometimes we are behind a wire, a fence but since we can see through we do as if it didn’t exist but still, it is there and most importantly, not physically but mentally. Best of luck with everything you do!!


  2. Excellent!!!
    Church and religion should release your mind… Back on earth, there are so many things to remind us how vulnerabe we are!


  3. Your photograph is very well composed, well done! It helps to remember in our darkest hours, that as much we feel completely and utterly alone, we are not. never have been, never will be. We are not so very different from every other person alive. We are very human, even if it feels like the world as we see it has nothing for us, it is in fact our world and we do belong to Creation ❤


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