My Light and Hope

Photo by nuttymom-me: Recently I have come to a crossroads in my life, I am 37 years old and have put off taking care of my mental health for years. A month ago I had a breakdown and spent several days in the hospital. I was diagnosed with Severe Depression, Anxiety and OCD. I have trichotillomania as well. I have struggled with that since I was 13. I had a very difficult childhood and have denied myself the “mourning” of it for a long time. The parallels of my mental health and parenting have become a blur as I teter between the way I am a mother and the way I was mothered.  
About this photo: I have a four-year old daughter and she is the main reason I had to seek help for my illnesses. She is my light and my hope. The photo I am submitting is her as she represents all that is good in my life. She is my shining star.
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6 thoughts on “My Light and Hope

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  1. There is hope. You have a beautiful shining star in your life. Sometimes the memories of a difficult childhood affects our behaviour and mind. I know that struggle. You are in my thoughts and prayers. God is good, there is healing.


  2. I also had a very difficult childhood and many challenges during my adult life. What helps me is exercise, having friends, hobbies, having gratitude for what I have, and prayer! Sending peace, love, healing, joy, happiness and love to you!


  3. I too had a dark childhood and have a daily struggle with PTSD, severe anxiety, depression, and panic attacks but I recently had an epiphany – I’m accepting the past and I feel free and alive more than ever before! Your daughter is SO beautiful, you can make the world a beautiful place for her. *hugs*


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