Summer in the City

Photo taken by Lala, a 32 year old woman living in Washington, DC, who battles severe depression, crippling anxiety/panic disorder, a mood disorder, and the list could go on. She also has family and loved ones who are battling mental health issues such as bipolar disorder and addiction. She is very interested in all the different treatments out there for mental health issues, and tries to stay abreast of the latest research, etc.

She tries to lessen her depression and anxiety through photography, immersing herself in hobbies such as cooking, biking, hiking, writing, and exploring new places when she is able. She has good days and days when she doesn’t want to leave the house. She loves working with children–teaching young children is her passion.

About this photo: This is the urban neighborhood garden near where I live. It’s so beautiful and inspiring, especially in summer. I love to enjoy such beauty when I am able to leave the house. I am having a bit of a slump right now, but I am trying hard to combat it. Hopefully I will be out again taking more photos soon.

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7 thoughts on “Summer in the City

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    1. Thank you so much. It’s nice to see desolate urban lots being brought to life as gardens. Now only if I could afford one of those plots…it’s very exclusive! I just look and take pictures. -Lala


      1. Looking and taking photos is also a good way if you can’t afford it. I also wish I had a bit of space to do some gardening. I am living in a unit with not much garden


  1. It is great to raise your own food and control the pesticides one eats. It also helps the food bill, provides good exercise, offers a sense of accomplishment and is good therapy. The only challenge is controlling the things that want to eat the food before you have a chance.


  2. It totally helps to have hobbies and working with the earth and nature is very soothing and healing to me maybe because I have some Native American ancestry. I used to take longs walks out in the woods by my home when I was a child, sometimes by myself if no one wished to accompany me.


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