Ghost Boy

Photo taken by DeeDee, a woman in her mid-thirties from upstate New York who struggles with bipolar disorder and ADD. As is often the case with bipolar, her life has many ups and downs and can feel like a daily roller coaster. She enjoys photography, especially experimenting with different cameras and film. About this photo: “My teen... Continue Reading →

Somebody That I Used to Know

Photo taken by  Christina, who has experienced terrible anxiety, often due to stress and/or insomnia. She also deals with agitation and extreme irritability, and becomes anxious in situations that are uncomfortable to her, like large groups of people. She is 19 years old and has been studying photography throughout her teenage years. About this photo:... Continue Reading →

Fighting the Blues

Photo taken by Lauren, a mother of one living in England who suffers from situational depression. While her depression has been under control more or less for the past decade, some of her closest friends and family suffer from severe depression in various forms, and she has lost people to the disease. She feels that... Continue Reading →


Photo taken by Brooke, 33, from Florida, who suffers from depression. About this photo: I suffered from depression ever since my mother died of complications with multiple sclerosis over 16 years ago.  The pain of losing my mother at 17 was both physically and mentally difficult.  Even as I type, I'm still greatly affected from... Continue Reading →


Photos taken by Micaela Brookman from Los Angeles, California. Micaela is a young model and aspiring photographer. Her work is greatly influenced by Salvador Dali and Richard Avedon. When Micaela was seven years old she lost her mother to depression and mental illness. About these photos: The photos attached show various stages of the grieving process. The first: Numbness, The second: Denial,... Continue Reading →

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