Photo taken by Brooke, 33, from Florida, who suffers from depression.

About this photo: I suffered from depression ever since my mother died of complications with multiple sclerosis over 16 years ago.  The pain of losing my mother at 17 was both physically and mentally difficult.  Even as I type, I’m still greatly affected from her loss.  Some days are great and I see the brightness of my life.  However there are days where I feel like I’m in the dark.  There’s a constant reminder to myself that there’s always light somewhere in the midst of the darkness.  My eyes may be closed, yet I feel the source of finding lightness to my life.  I have the power to manifest my darkness of depression in order to see the light…therefore I must shine.  

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10 thoughts on “Shine

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  1. BLC…thank you all so much for posting my work and story. I truly appreciate it greatly and hope that others can feel the inspiration behind the work and words. :o)


  2. Beautiful, deeply touching expression of your love and grief for your mother. Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s amazing to me to see such deep love reflected so openly.


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