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Welcome to the gallery site of Broken Light Collective. We are artists of all levels and abilities who are affected by mental illness. We create and we share our work for the therapeutic benefits to us, as well as others who may be struggling and feeling scared and alone. Together we can move from disconnected to collective.

Photo taken by first-time contributor Alexandre Goulet, a Software Engineer from Ontario, Canada. He has found that photography is a great media through which he can escape the day to day trials of life. Photography was especially helpful when he was going through a difficult time after his mother passed away. Photography, in addition to therapy, was a great deal of help to him through that time.

About this photo: “I had found it challenging for a long time to take this specific picture, as I had continuously made excuses for why I couldn’t. They ranged from inadequate equipment, and un-cooperative weather conditions to just plain self doubt. On a weekend up north with friends, I joined one outside for fresh air as he had been admiring the stars on his own. When he asked me “Why don’t you take a picture of this?” for the first time, I had no excuses, and I overcame the hurdles I had created. Either his push was all I needed, maybe it was a bout of confidence he gave me, or maybe it was that right then and there I knew, the best pictures are the ones you take, not the ones you don’t. The rest is history.”


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16 responses to “Milky Way; Night Sky”

  1. meryscarsa Avatar

    Incredible shot, sometimes it is so hard to find a place to take a photo of the Milky Way! Congratulations

    Visit my place: http://www.capturaviaje.com. Many thanks.


  2. Sam Spencer Avatar

    Great story & pic, Alexandre! . . .


  3. vastlycurious.com Avatar

    Just beautiful !!!


  4. jennyinneverland Avatar

    Beautiful photo! I too have a fascination with the sky and could spend hours looking at the stars. I wish I had the right equipment to be able to take photos like this!


  5. Steve Lakey Avatar

    An amazing photo.


  6. spartacus2030 Avatar

    Excellent picture! I’d be curious to know what camera and exposure you used. Night shots of stars are better set manually anyway…


  7. EvaUhu Avatar

    Love the night sky, so this is awesome! 🙂


  8. alexandregoulet Avatar

    To all : Thanks for all the nice comments!
    @spartacus2030 : I used my Canon 5D Mk III with my 24-105 F/4 lens @ F/4.


  9. seeker Avatar

    I am so glad you have taken the picture.


  10. thehappyhugger Avatar

    This picture is absolutely gorgeous!!!


  11. E-one Avatar

    Reblogged this on Silently, Churping and commented:
    I m in love with this picture, so decided to reblog 🙂


  12. nomaggsrush Avatar

    Beautiful image. Keep it up.


  13. Paula McLane Jennings Avatar

    awesome photo! must have been spectacular to see in person!


  14. Anna Avatar

    Amazing photo! I LOVE IT:D


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