The Bipolar Ride

Photo taken by contributor Danielle, a woman with bipolar disorder, type II. She is a photo enthusiast from the East Coast. She struggles with depression, as well as hypomania, agitation, and insomnia. About this photo: "The merry-go-round is an icon for fun and childhood. In amusement parks, malls, and parks across the country, children and... Continue Reading →

11 Years Sober!

Photo taken by first-time contributor, Meg. Meg is a recovered alcoholic who has discovered not only how glorious life can be, but that everyone can have access to such joy. She has found purpose in supporting people in, not only living lives they love, but in designing the very lives they want to be living.... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday to Us!

Special post and photo by Danielle, the founder of Broken Light Collective. The beginnings: After a major depressive crash several years ago, my therapist - who was exploring the art of photography herself - encouraged me to start photographing again regularly, not just when I was hired to do a portrait or feeling hypomanic. We started... Continue Reading →

Paradise Mania

Photo creation by Marlena Rivers, a 44-year-old woman in NYC who has been suffering from bipolar I disorder and anxiety since the age of 19. About this photo: “I’ve had fun lately taking pictures of odd stuff I see on the street, going in the same route most if the time. It’s interesting how much you can... Continue Reading →

Changing Seasons

Photos taken by a woman with bipolar depression, anxiety and panic attacks. When she is able to she photographs portraits, events, and at times random assignments for a large local web site. About these photos: "It's getting darker and darker, earlier and earlier -- winter is almost upon us. These photos were taken last winter... Continue Reading →

Happy Now

Photos taken by Rachel Ward, a 21-year-old woman from Charlotte, North Carolina. She recently experienced depression after living through a difficult breakup. The images were taken in Missoula, Montana, where she moved to study photography and find herself. About these photos: In 2011, I got dumped. And it hurt. A lot. I had been with... Continue Reading →

Happy Help

Photo taken by a 40+ year-old woman diagnosed with bipolar 3 disorder and ADD.  She is also a Clinical Psychologist and budding photographer. About this photo: "This photograph was taken for the second half of an assignment in a photography class I was taking last year.  The first part was to photograph symbols of our nightmares.... Continue Reading →


Photo taken by Clare, a woman who suffers from severe clinical depression and anxiety. About this photo: "Much of the time these days I feel covered by the dark clouds of depression, but on the day I took this photo, a particularly dreary day, when I looked up in the sky I saw a heart peeking out... Continue Reading →

Following the Signs

Photos taken by a woman with depression and anxiety disorders. She was in Pennsylvania when she took these photos. Photography has helped her to be able to live life more and go out on photo walks such as this one. About the photos: "There are signs everywhere you look. Some are inspiring, some are funny,... Continue Reading →

Marry Me

Photo taken by Rosie, from the northeast of England, in a city called Newcastle. She has experienced depression due to many different issues going on in her life. Thankfully she has a wonderful lady in her life now, who is going through depression along with her. They are both improving due to each other's company, and are... Continue Reading →

“Blue” Can be Beautiful; Iran

Photo taken by Caroline, 49 years old from Market Harborough, UK. She has a 17 year old son, and is married to an Iranian. She works full-time and travels a lot with her job and all this means whilst life is very interesting it can be challenging and tiring at times when trying to cope... Continue Reading →

Mix CD: Colors of Life

Photo by Natalia from Boston, MA. She is 17 years old, and recovering from anorexia nervosa. About this photo: A big part of my recovery has been making art through various mediums. Not only has art helped me to find a sense of self, but it has taught me how to release my emotions in a... Continue Reading →

Perfection in Nova Scotia

Photo taken by Rainey, a depression sufferer. This picture is of a daisy bathed in the glow of recent rains. I love the simple beauty of a daisy; it is often overlooked for more flashy flowers, but the daisy is a long-lasting hardy beauty. This photo makes me feel hopeful. I know if I can... Continue Reading →

Breathtaking Peaks of Nepal

Photo taken by Thirdeyemom, a survivor of severe postpartum depression. She used travel, writing, and photography, in addition to professional help, to fight her way out of the darkness. See more of her inspiring story here. About this photo: Last November, my dad and I celebrated our milestone birthdays by hiking the Annapurna Trek in Nepal. We... Continue Reading →

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