Following the Signs

Photos taken by a woman with depression and anxiety disorders. She was in Pennsylvania when she took these photos. Photography has helped her to be able to live life more and go out on photo walks such as this one.

About the photos: “There are signs everywhere you look. Some are inspiring, some are funny, and then there are those that are just creepy or weird. I walked down one block and saw the whole range, including these. I’m going to try to hold onto the ones that make me feel good or make me laugh, because that is what I need right now, and would like to share them with others who may be in the same boat… Believe. Love. Peace. Bliss. Triumph. to all!”


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18 thoughts on “Following the Signs

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  1. I think I like “Love saves the day” the most. Interesting to see that there are establishments that actively indicate they don’t like children inside.


  2. The “Unattended Children….” is pretty funny, even though the humour is a little black.

    Photography has certainly helped my battle with mental health issues, so keep up the good work and best wishes to you all!!


  3. Theses are cool and funny photos. Thanks for stopping by my blog “Exploring the world. Photography, travel, art” and liking my post “Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban”
    Kind greetings,


  4. Love this post! I believe in signs, especially asking for encouragement and help from angels/God/the universal spirit, and asking them to “give you a sign” and they will! Sometimes its not so literal, sometimes they leave a feather, a flower, show you a gorgeous sunrise, or provide someother sign but its alway awesome to “hear from them”!


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