Changing Seasons


Photos taken by a woman with bipolar depression, anxiety and panic attacks. When she is able to she photographs portraits, events, and at times random assignments for a large local web site.

About these photos: “It’s getting darker and darker, earlier and earlier — winter is almost upon us. These photos were taken last winter for a web site. It was an interesting assignment for me to get because throughout my life I have always been drawn to watching kids having fun in the snow, especially sledding and skiing, but rarely have I participated. There is something scary about these activities to me, and I undoubtedly think I am going to fall and hurt myself. Something feels totally out of control, like what goes on inside of my mind with my moods. As an adult, I still feel that way as much if not more than when I was a child. I look at all the kids playing and having fun, smiling and frolicking, and all I feel is a distance. Like I am an “other” who doesn’t belong. A common thread throughout my life.

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