Vanishing Point

Photography by Luis Rosado who has lived with an array of mental health challenges. Being sexually molested as a child, ptsd, anxiety, depression, alcoholism and more have taken their toll on him over the years. He feels like he lost years of growth due to his mental health challenges.

About this photo: “This image is called ‘Vanishing Point.’ This is how I think the world sees me and my mental illness. Tiny and insignificant.”

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3 thoughts on “Vanishing Point

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  1. Hi,
    Buddha teaches the interdependence of all phenomena . .
    We are all interdependent with everyone and everything
    and thus not insigniificant in reality though we may
    feel so yo tomodachi, and yes, tomodachi, means friends
    in Japanese yo tomodachi , ,

    My best peace, love, and good vibes to you all,

    Cool Cat


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