Noise In My Head


Photo taken by first-time contributor Stephen, a man from Dartmoor in Devon who has lived with complex PTSD for the past 10 years, although it was only diagnosed two years ago. He is now on a waiting list for treatment. His PTSD has come about as a result of time in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq, where he worked with refugees. He took up photography a year ago. His photography is an expression of the trauma within him, in the hope that this will lead to healing.

About this photo: “Hawthorne on Dartmoor in Winter. Multiple exposures allow me to express the profound confusion and “noise” that roars inside my head.

Find more from Stephen on Instagram.

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5 thoughts on “Noise In My Head

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  1. There’s a thing called Shutter Therapy which is getting out and taking photos for the exact reason you’re looking for. When I’m out the noise in my head doesn’t stop but its more friendly. Take care.

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