Noise In My Head

Photo taken by first-time contributor Stephen, a man from Dartmoor in Devon who has lived with complex PTSD for the past 10 years, although it was only diagnosed two years ago. He is now on a waiting list for treatment. His PTSD has come about as a result of time in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq, where he... Continue Reading →


Photo taken by contributor Annie, a woman who lives with depression, PTSD, anxiety and dissociation. Annie has survived a suicide attempt. Art, music, reading, writing, yoga, meditation and walking help when weather permits. Her feline companion Rumi is her best friend. About this photo: “At a time of remembrance for the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki we... Continue Reading →

Half Empty & Half Full

Photo taken by contributor Steve, a 63-year-old Viet Nam Veteran diagnoised with PTSD and clinical depression. He is new to photography but is using it as a tool in his therapy. He recently started a blog about living with PTSD. About this photo: "I was playing around in the Manual Mode when I took this photo... Continue Reading →

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