Green and lush

Please say a warm hello to first-time contributor Daniella, a college student, battling Depression and PTSD. She finds hope through expressing herself through photography and writing. She is passionate in sharing her story with others in order to help them dig deeper into their own lives to see their self-love, beauty, and strength. Although some of her days have gotten dark, she is constantly trying to live out her mission, aspire to inspire.

About this photo: “I like it out here… the nature… the green and lush. The scents of freshness. It’s my happy place. You and me. No other worries. I like the moss between my toes it tickles; yet, it provides comfort. I like to look out and see that nothing here is man-made. No factories. No pollution. No technology. Just you and me. I like the sense of vulnerability. We can’t be hidden. We can’t hide ourselves behind our clothes or behind our phones. We are present. We are just here and nowhere else. What would it be like if the whole word was this way? What if we all walked around just as we are? Would there be more judgement or would there be more empathy? Would we start to see people as they are and for who they are or would we continue to place labels on everyone we walk by friend or foe, family or stranger. What if we weren’t just physically bare but what if we were emotionally naked too. We all were just vulnerable in every way possible. Would that lead to a better world or would it cause more hate? What if we walked around naked and our stories were exposed? Our scars and wounds were known and seen. Would we treat each other with more compassion and love or would we isolate ourselves out of fear? Would people develop more self-love or would it cause more self-loath? Would we be more self-confident, but not cocky? What would it be like?”



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