Photo by contributor OutisPhotography, a man from Ecuador whose mental disorder became apparent at age 20 while he was attending university. After faking a mask for many years, he finally was diagnosed with Major Depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. The most difficult challenges he faced on a daily basis were finding a reason to get up each day and realizing how valuable the people he had around him were. Photography was one thing that helped him overcome depression.

About this photo: “This picture seeks to represent the process of a normal life, but seeks to demonstrate the problem that can result in a mental disorder and therefore it is difficult for us to do our activities and simply tend to lock ourselves in a dead end, waiting for the ‘delay’.”

Find more from him at his website.


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  1. What we think is a normal life is just not being so afraid to be who we are. Some people delay this truth until the end. At 58 I’m just realizing this now after wasting too many years-delay of game.

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